Mikes Brain Waves

Mikes Brain Waves

Activate the law of attraction in your life with these powerful visualization videos

Did you know that the law of attraction (Along with the right tools) can summon money, health and almost limitless abundance into your life?

The key to making this happen is to combine it with visualization, but I know what you’re thinking…

you’ve already tried visualization and nothing happened. That’s ok, I’ve also tried and failed and 83% of the people who attempt visualization get nowhere. But now you can change this because now there’s a brand new way to visualize, and this way is far more efficient and way, way easier.

It’s called “Abundant mind visualization videos”.

These videos are tools which enable you to re-program your subconscious mind and positively change your thoughts, emotions and mindset.

You can think of these videos as a type of “Super charged vision board”, but unlike primitive vision boards, these videos integrate four powerful and scientifically proven technologies to break down the walls of your subconscious mind and affect REAL change.

Each of them uses full motion video, a relaxation inducing audio soundtrack, subliminal messages and a form of brainwave entrainment called “Binaural beats”. So all you have to do is sit back and watch them and your mind and thoughts are automatically programmed for success.

And once your thoughts and mindset are tuned to emit only positive “Vibrational energy” your success is all but guaranteed.

This may sound like hocus pocus but it’s real.

After all, we are what we think, and success starts in the mind.

Remember, in its most basic form, the law of attraction states that “Like attracts like” and your thoughts, emotions and intentions (Whether they be positive or negative), all emit something called “Vibrational energy”

This energy attracts situations and opportunities that are on the same vibrational wavelength.

So if your mind is filled with negative emotions and thoughts, you are going to attract negative people and situations.

But with these videos you can reprogram your mind in as little as a week.

And yes, it’s true that visualization videos are nothing new, but most of them are primitive compared to the ones you’ll find in abundant mind. These videos use a combination of FOUR proven techniques to positively alter your thoughts, emotions and mindset.

And watching these videos takes only a few minutes a day.

Each ranges from 20 minutes to 45 minutes and are themed with different outcomes in mind.

There are videos for attracting money and success, for healing your body and mind and for programming yourself with special mental abilities.

No matter what your heart desires, you can attract it into your life with these videos.

And if you’d like to try them out you’re in luck because today you can get instant access to the entire library of abundant mind videos for free.

That’s right you get access to the full library for 7 days without paying a dime.

This way you can try out the videos for yourself and who knows, they might just change your life.

Mikes Brain Waves

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